Sunday, May 6, 2012


Lumumba People Friendship University  Russia, 4th may 2012 was the anniversary celebration of 1st may   at the university of people friendship Lumumba, this is the day that the college students from various nations of the world takribari 140 express their culture,

News in pictures were like this,,,,

 Students from Cape verde
Students at Lumumba university

Tanzania students when they visit Indonesia people
 VUVUZELAA also was there,,,
Tanzania students at Lumumba university try to do their best to represents  their country 

Students from Cambodia
Girls in swaga
 Vazi lakimasai lilituwakilisha vyewa wataznania
 Sudents from Costa Rica represents their culture well enough

Student at Lumumba university, Russia

 Students from Zambia also they show out their tradition components, and tools

Wajuba wakifanya dhiara na kutazama utamaduni wanchi jirani

African student from Lumumba university

Girl from Costa Rica give out traditional dance

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