Monday, May 14, 2012


KHALID Y. RUSHAKA  swimming freestyle
Khalid Rushaka, first male swimmer Olympian from Tanzania who participated in Beijing 2008 summer Olympic games and he was competing in the Tanzania Mainland club championship where he became overall winner in that championship in December 2009, at HOPAC Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Khalid when is practice with friends  at HOPAC Dar es salaam
 At this time Khalid Rushaka, he is a second year student at Kampala International  University, Uganda taking ICT subjects, and still he do what he is doing best and that is swimming. Now he is in the college swimming club where he teach others students and representing his Kampala international university (KIU)  in some swimming competition around the world.
Khalid word of wisdom at his birthday,,,
"As I reflect on my life today… I thank Allah for seeing a purpose to call me forth out of eternity and into the earth to fulfill the plan and purpose that He has predestined for my life. My heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness this morning… As I celebrate my 32nd birthday I am so thankful for all that He has done in these years. ALHAMDULILLAH! "
 Look at the picture of Khalid's life of championship,,,,
Khalid with a friend get some water after the practice,  Khalid use to say keep trying and practice make you perfect and he insist on make practice always fro be more competitive
Khalid's fancy looking at him when he is in practice at Mwanza, Tanzania
Khalid's swimming club member,  "Khalid say's you will never do this alone you need your team to watch your back,  so do i"

Khalid also support his friends at his club, " Without friend i am nothing, with them behind me i do the best Khalid said"

Khalid say's for you,,,,
"Nothing in this world is easy to have and no one knows when is the right time to do what he wish to do but with your practices and hard working one day you will tell your self that it's a right time to do and is easy to have it,,,,!   Wish you all the best friend all over the world,,!!!"

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