Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Administration block At St. Agustin University of  Tanzania
Despite some challenges such as accommodation and some tight rules which some of the students are not comfortable with, it is clear that St. Augustine University of Tanzania(SAUT) could be the best upcoming higher learning institution in the country, this can also be influenced by some number of factors although others are not exactly prove its quality but shows how active it is.
Administration at SAUT is very serious on making sure that its staff attend all the lectures and give the students what have to be given and failure to do so can result on firing, and they always try to avoid all the excuses and negligence.
The bulding of Staff Commitment at SAUT

However the students at SAUT get satisfied on how they being taught and the experience they have there. Students at SAUT learn a lot of things with a large number of courses of study in which in most of other higher learning institutions not practiced but rather they just having few courses of studies within a semester especially some public universities. Teaching quality can also be indicated by number of ideal tests and assignments by which students are given which improve their understanding and brings high awareness of different stuffs within their course of study.
As it is in most of big universities and colleges around the world sports is given very high priority at SAUT which involves many different kinds of sports and great prizes and awards to the winners, this thing is not the same to other higher learning institutions in Tanzania but instead they just have small tournaments which are not even competitive.
St. Augustine University of Tanzania(SAUT) enrolls a big number of students in all its levels of education especially undergraduate students from all parts of the country including others from other African countries especially Eastern and Southern Africa, this helps in sharing experience and learning new cultures among the students which also can improve their competitiveness and awareness. They are also having different branches in every corner of the country ie Apart from the main branch in Nyegezi Mwanza there are other branches in Iringa(Ruaha), Moshi(Mwenge), Mtwara campus etc.
Reported by Maurine at ifm
There is no doubt that St. Augustine University of Tanzania(SAUT) is the biggest university in Tanzania in terms of students enrollment, varieties of academic disciplines and in fact number of academic staff. Recently the university has increased number of lecture halls buildings, office buildings and even number of academic courses such as Engineering. The university is having a plan also to expand more, gradually as time goes on.
Although in Tanzania there are other upcoming higher learning institutions which are playing an important role in providing quality education to the students in need and increase competition among them which in turn contribute in bringing super knowledge to the development of the nation, if ever you are having any other institution you know about or other qualities about certain higher learning institution you can simply comment and/or post it here or send to us through admin@viewtz.com so that we can arrange how we will present it here and let the people know about it.


  1. As one of student at SAUT, i agree with the above facts about SAUT

  2. LOooooooooooh1 might be maaaaaaaaaaaaaana wengine tumedakwa kuhusu research isitoshe imenigharimu miaaka 2 kumaliza reseach

  3. u cant imagine most of spent on module as far presentation with competent member staff mind consolidated ever seen!!!!!!!!!! might be the best Please I hate but I love course prolonged
    while others cry once their research rejected young prof Mr.Buteta I admire so much with gifted lecturer from abroad we have especially Kenya and Zimbabwe last alive all!!!!!!!!!