Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 The best top ten schools form six necta result, are
1. Marian (wasichana) - Pwani
2. Feza (wavulana) - Dar es Salaam
3. Kisimiri - Arusha
4. Kibaha - Pwani
5. Ilboru - Arusha
6. Mzumbe - Morogoro
7. Msalato - Dodoma
8. Tabora (wavulana) - Tabora
9. St. Mary's Mazinde Juu - Tanga
10. Consolata Seminari - IringaEven though these are the best school but these schools fail when you compare with their result of the last years, especial government schools, where you will not find Div 1.3 in many of the schools, 
Government schools kicked out of mack and they never get the chance to hold the three best positions in the rank, we need to known what are private schools does to win and always to stay in the top ranks for the results, especially why MARIAN GIRLS is in the first rank always,,, ? what we real missing us as government schools,  All in all we need to find the solution that made these girls be the first so we can pull up our selves and returns the respect of the special schools which for about years now we are not  showing  up in the best top three ranks,

  The government should learn from these private schools so as to insure good and quality education for all of Tanzania students, moreover when we look in other countries the best school are government schools and then followed by the private schools, what does this means, in something owned by the government has all facilities that help the students to get what they want when they want, Hope we learn something and now is the time to make changes, and return the respect of the special schools,


  1. Si hoja sana,ila wengi tunaamini tulijibu mitihani yetu kwa usahihi mkubwa sana,ila tu eti kwa sababu shule zetu hazikuwahi kushika nafasi za kwanza kwanza katika miaka iliyopita ndio basi tunakuwa disregard.Ila kwa shule zenye majina makubwa wao hupewa maksi hata kama hawako sahihi haswa ukilinganisha na shule zisizo na umaarufu

  2. this has been a problem in tanzania education sector i would agree with the previous commententary that exams are marked according to the running school record thus schools with bad records are poorly regarded so something has to be done so as to remove this however the issue of bribe is also introduced that some schools are giving bribe to the examination officers

  3. THANK YOU MR JAKAYA....this has be a good thing coz you empower young yoth to endele with there studies

  4. shule zinazojulikana ndo usahihishaji unafanyika vizuri, ambazo hazujulikani ndo ishawekwa kwamba hawajui. shule zinazojulikana zinasahihiswa kwanza njingine mwishoni wasahihishaji wakiwa wamechikaaa

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  6. Mbona msalato imekuwa ya 13, tabora boys ya 15,pia Ilboru imekuwa ya 4 na Tabora girls ya 5.......ninawasiwasi na habari yako

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