Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CONGRATULATION FORM SIX 2012, Welcome to College life

The results of form VI 2012 are officially out.I would like to congratulate those Who have perform well,for those who didn't make it they should know that this is not the end of their dreams instead they should not give up.For those who make it we welcome you in college life, we hope it was a dream for many to get into this stage.College is the next big step in many people's lives after graduating high school but there is always a challenge in choosing specialty, before make a decision take your time,take some advice from others and lastly listen to your heart what you like,i mean which career do you like.
 Moreover there are those who will like to join overseas universities and colleges what i wanna tell you guys  life in abroad is not as difficult as people talk at home, here there are lot of opportunities  that you will have and finally you graduate with lot of experience from whatever you wanna do, and to ensure you, there are alot of scholarship which gives you full facilities to live and study in abroad. What to do is to find those opportunities,just get interacting with medias.

 Also my dear fellows who you didn't make it, what i wanna let you know is "in life people we are not fail but we change the way" when you thing you fail in this way just keep in your mind that there is another door open for you just relax and keep you thinking for another way, In life there is a lots of challenge and this is your time to face it never take your self to the wrong direction as we always proud of you coz you know what your doing, Never think that others may look at you in bad ways that's not true as always people know that your capable of something, then show them yes your,,!!
  Again let me welcome you all in college life and CONGRATULATIONS for the best achievement you made in life,
When you are in a college take advantage of your time.Wish u all the best all of you.
written by NYANGI P.

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  1. yeaah,, so proud boy,,,!!!! tell them its aWsoMe work they did