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USTHB,The 4th International Conference Electrical Engineering (ICEE’12)

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MAY 7-9 ,2012

 Algiers, Algeria

The 4th International Conference Electrical Engineering (ICEE’12) will be organized by the University of Sciences & Technology Houari Boumediene of Algiers, Capital of Algeria. The previous session ICEE’9 was also organized in Algiers in May 2009, where a steering committee was proposed to pursue this adventure, focusing on the Power Engineering fields with special emphasize on new Renewable Energy resources.

Algiers waterfront
A Phoenician commercial outpost called Ikosim which later developed into a small Roman town called Icosium existed on what is now the marine quarter of the city. The rue de la Marine follows the lines of what used to be a Roman street. Roman cemeteries existed near Bab-el-Oued and Bab Azoun. The city was given Latin rights by Vespasian. The bishops of Icosium are mentioned as late as the 5th century

City and harbour of Algiers, circa 1921The present-day city was founded in 944 by Buluggin ibn Ziri, the founder of the Berber Zirid-Senhaja dynasty, which was overthrown by Roger II of Sicily in 1148, although the Zirids had already lost control of Algiers before the final fall of the dynasty. The city was occupied by the Almohades in 1159, and in the 13th century came under the dominion of the Abd-el-Wadid sultans of Tlemcen. Nominally part of the sultanate of Tlemcen, Algiers had a large measure of independence under amirs of its own due to Oran being the chief seaport and center of power of the Abd-el-Wahid

Ketchaoua Mosque, Algiers, located in Casbah, was originally known as the cathedral of St. Philippe. It was built by the illustrious Ottomans in the 17th century. It was in 1962 that the cathedral was converted to the Ketchaoua Mosque. An interesting mix of the Byzantine and the Moorish styles. It is one of the best architectural structures in the city. The beautiful minarets of the structure overlook a public square in the city.
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