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Telecommunications engineering.

Repoter at udsm
....The course is aimed at providing knowledge about telecommunication systems(mobile and fixed telephone networks),  how they work various prin
nciples and theories applied in their deveopment, computer and electronics systems partaining it,

..A telecommunication engineer should be able to install or monitor installation of telephone equipments, he is expected to be able to design telephone network equipments
and circuits needed to solve communication problem that may arise, he also need to be able to budget and process the cost required in executing the installations.

...A telecommunication engineering student is expected understand how telephone systems work, technologies involved and be able to locate and
correct faults when required to do so....they are also expected to be very familiar with computer from normal use to being able to
troubleshoot when required to so, further they are expected to be as far good in computer as to programming applications.

Telecommunications engineering at UDSM

1st year
..Basic and more general courses are taught such as
engineering drawing, inntroduction to computer and programming, calculus and mechanics. Other non directly engineering courses like language skills, development studies and
enterpreneurship are also taught, nothing here adheres deeply and specifically to telecom.

2nd year
...Electrical networks, computer engineering and networking and more powerful programming languages like java and c programming, introduction to electromagnets and antennas
second year takes a student closer to understanding computer networks and electronics which are ofcourse essential to the coming core telecommunication courses.
3rd year
gets a little much closer to core telecom whereby courses like telephone switching and signalling, signal processing reception and transmission are taught.

4th year
...More deeper fields concerning telecommunication technologies are taught and every student is required to do their final year projects in the field of telecommunication engineering.

In addition to that:-
in each year students are required to go for practical training in various public and private companies in order to get exposure and experience in the real working
situations and are required to write reports on selected fields of interest during their practical training period.

My Opinion
The academic curriculum employed seems to be covering well the field intended but the laboratories involved do not cope well with the courses, so I suggest that more
concern should be put on the way they are conducted and the way they are graded.

BSc Telecommunications Engineering

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