Monday, June 4, 2012


Mbagala Kuu Primary School students in class with Whitedent packs.
Michael Omari with the Polytank.
Nuswaiba Hussein with the 3,000-ltr water storage poly tank awarded to her school.
Nuswaiba in class with fellow students, Whitedent packs in hand.
By Our Reporter
Having launched their Whitedent quiz Competition that airs weekly on TV, the Whitedent manufacturers Chemi & Cotex Industries Ltd have so far given prizes of water storage poly tanks to two primary schools.
Alfur-Qaan Primary School in Ilala Malapa Mferejini and Mbagala Kuu Primary School in Mbagala, Temeke District each received a 3,000 liter water poly tank after being nominated by their students. Nuswaiba Husein, 13, nominated Alfur-Qaan where she’s currently studying in Standard 6 and Michael Omari, 13, a Standard 5 student at Mbagala Kuu nominated his school.
The last Whitedent school quiz was held in 2008. This year, the competition will be held across Arusha, Mbeya, Mwanza, and Dar es Salaam and involve participation from various primary schools.
In order to interact with a higher number of schools an SMS campaign runs concurrently with the weekly TV school quiz programmes where the presenter asks a special question (for schools only) and students text in answers for a chance to win weekly prizes.
 Through this SMS campaign people have a chance of helping their school of choice also win a water storage poly tank. Whitedent quiz airs on ITV on Thursdays from 19:00 to 19:30 with repeats on Sundays 12:00 to 12:30, starting 17 May 2012 and ending on 12 July 2012.

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