Sunday, June 3, 2012


When Sebastian Barabara visited the Chinese 2012 Education Exhibition, at the University of Dar es Salaam last Tuesday, he went with hopes of securing a scholarship in the Far East country.

The Dean and Associate Professor of the School of International Education for Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Dr Ke Yuzhen (right), listens attentively to a visitor at the Chinese 2012 Education Exhibition, at the Nkrumah Hall at the University of Dar es Salaam. (Photo by Mohamed Mambo)
The twenty-four-year-old told the ‘Sunday News’ he is optimistic that one of the four universities he is interested in will offer him something suitable soon.
Sebastian completed his high school education in Mwanza Region earlier this year, and is looking forward to furthering his studies. He would like to study architecture having learnt that China has made great strides in the field of construction.
“I am impressed to see how China has grown into a major economic power over the years. I believe the Chinese do not discriminate against people of other races,” he said.
He told the ‘Sunday News’ that he was also very pleased to have had the opportunity to know more about China and the kind of educational opportunities that are available. One of the representatives that he spoke to was the Dean and Associate Professor of the School of International Education for Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Dr Ke Yuzhen.
Like the other 18 members of the delegation Dr Yuzhen arrived in Dar es Salaam on Monday. The ‘Sunday News’ had the opportunity of talking to her. She said that after they had finished packing their belongings on Saturday (yesterday) the delegation was to leave for Kenya where they will hold a one-day exhibition, similar to one here before returning to China early this week.
“I think everything went quite well because we had a lot of visitors. They were from different universities here and even high school students, who came to see what chances they have for securing places in China for their first degrees. Most of the students hope they will get scholarships from the Chinese government,” she explained.
Such findings were very much in line with the delegation’s expectations, she added. The purpose of their visit, according to Dr Yuzhen is to recruit exceptional students from Tanzania that they may further their studies up to post graduate level. This is part of the country’s steps towards setting up a global education atmosphere in their universities.
The professor majored in English in another university but came to work at this establishment as an English teacher 32 years ago. Her department is responsible for the recruitment and management of international students. They also take care of joint education programmes between their universities and the institutions of higher learning in other countries.
Before leaving Nkrumah Hall, within the UDSM, where the exhibition was held, the ‘Sunday News’ had the opportunity of talking to the Deputy Secretary General of China’s Scholarship Council in Beijing, Shihai Cao. He said that currently there are 2731 Tanzanian students studying in Chinese universities.
They had realised people here, as in other countries, need as much information as they can get, about the universities in China. That way they will be better equipped to make suitable choices.
“We are fully aware and have prepared to provide more financial support for suitable students from here to study in China. We have realised this can best be done by providing the opportunity for prospective students here to be able to talk one-to-one with our university representatives,” he added.
By IMAN MANI, Tanzania Daily Reporter

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