Monday, April 30, 2012


     Europeans,Arabs, Asian and American tv, they always show they childreans and families that African is the place like hell, people here are suffering and there wis no enjoyment even once, In different television shows and news they use to show Africa as the place for war, the place where people die and place where people are never be civilized yet," The question is why do they keep teaching their societies wrong thing and when is it gonna end?". Actualy in Africa life is not as their home but the realty is not what their talking, we never find good news from BBC, AL JAZEERA, CNN, FRECH TV, and VOICE OF AMERICA, that means they did see our good parts of they fill sorry for our death or what they real meant, and what they want their future generation to look to African people, We realy need to work hard African and show that best things ever been happened then they will talk bout us, let stop fighting, let stop corruption, let stop every madness we have and stand steel create something productive, show our natural resouce and use them effectvely, Africa we are nit like this we have more than what they say,! I LOVE AFRICA,

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