Thursday, April 26, 2012


Most of university and college girls and boys they like to show how they are and what the like, most of them use to show it in facebook or other social networks and some of them show it through day to day life,,, as you can see to be a celebrate in University or College take some effort, money and will to sprnd time for finding it,,,!
Look the list of popular student in different college and universities:

Husnaty Abduly

Languages English, Swahili and Luganda
Word of wisdom
"i like fashion am fashionable girl i spend most of my money on clothers and shoes and i like who i am and i appreciate dat and thenx 2 all mai friends who loves me and support me 4 real and 4 dose haters u have 2 knw dat u makes me feel stronger more than ever coz i knw its not easy 4 every one 2 like me coz its nature".

Ador Jewel

Studied at Mzumbe University, Morogoro, Tanzania
Languages English, and Swahili
Word of wisdom
"m kind nd gd lukng,
m nt proud f ma self bt dat da truth. i h8 2 b disappointed
meet me n u wl gt 2 knw abt me".



Issah Matimbwa

  Study at Université De Bumerdes, ALger, Algeria
  Languages English, Swahili, Turkish, Arabic, and French.
  Word of wisdom
  "Travelling in different places in the world is what i like, make friend   with everyone and help others where i should to is what always i do, make   changes in good way is what i am capable of,,! love poltics,".

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