Tuesday, April 24, 2012

USTHB exposition weak of science and technology

c'est la faiblesse de la présentation de la science et de technologie différents en Algérie, un institut d'études différent représente leurs activités dans ce qu'ils font, il ya aussi quelques activités sportives comme les courses moto et les matches de balle Bascket,
who was the first in motocycle racing was held in USTHB today, the best motocycle runner in high speed with lot of show game was ALGHAJ BEN ABDULAH,
some time school is the happest moment for the students especial here in Algerie where student they have no place to meet and have some funny but staying or come to la fac is only the place to have goodtimes,,,    one of the girl spending time after classes as you see there

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