Friday, October 19, 2012

2012/2013 - First Batch of Bachelor Degree in Statistics

Since it's establishment in 1965, the Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre has been confering Foundation, Certificate and Diploma qualifications in Statistical Studies. Now for the first time in 47 years, the Centre has introduced a Bachelor's Degree in Statistical Studies with the 2012/2013 intake. The registration of now almost 50 students commensed on the 1st of October 2012.

The general objective of the programme leading to Bachelor in Statistics (B.Stat) degree is to equip graduates with knowledge and skills that will enable them to handle socio-economic statistics,

to conduct statistical enquiries by designing, planning and executing sample surveys and censuses. It intends to produce practically oriented statisticians. Graduates should also be able to work with specialists in other fields.

Objective of the Programme

    Design, implement and manage a statistical system in an organisation.
    Undertake and manage sample surveys and censuses in all social statistics right from the design, data collection, processing and analysis to report writing, in areas like; Housing statistics, Education Statistics, Labour Statistics, Health Statistics and Criminal Justice Statistics.
    Undertake and manage sample surveys and censuses in all economic statistics right from the design, data collection, processing and analysis to report writing, in areas like Agricultural Statistics, Infrastructure Statistics, Trade Statistics, Industrial Statistics, Transport Statistics.
    Compile national accounts of a country or any level of the government like province or region and district.
    Work with specialised personnel to design scientific studies that need statistics in their areas of specialisation, like in medical statistics, crop and animal  husbandry.
    Assist planners and decision makers in using the right data and correct methods in achieving their goals.
    Apply national and international statistical standards as they are issued from time to time.
    Manage a statistical unit/office/department of an organisation in any country.

The Bachelor in Statistics takes two or three years. Each academic year is divided into two semester of seventeen weeks each.

The following are names of Lecturers for semister one :

    1. Prof. Katapa  - Linear Algebra
    2. Dr. Rugeihyamu  -  Calculus
    3. Dr. Msokwa  -  Social Statistics
    4. Dr. Kasoga - Operations of Market Economy
    5. Ms. Bernada  -  Networking and Web Design
    6. Dr. Kasala  -  Personal Skills and Professional Development

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